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About Us

About our Clinics

At Ray Lawson Family Clinic we believe that patient-centred care is a vital part of the health advocacy process. We understand that different patients have different needs and values, and we respect that every patient's journey is personal to them. Our medical teams are here to support you in your healthcare needs and make sure you're comfortable with all of your decisions.

Ray Lawson Medical Clinic and Eastern Medical Clinic are both open 7 Days a week for Walk-In Patients and Family Patients.

We provide services for the young, elderly, male and females. Our family medicine model of care seeks to provide patients with a personal medical home through which they receive a full range of services within the context of a continuing relationship with their family physician. Both Ray Lawson Family Clinic and Eastern Medical Clinic are proud to provide you with an ON-SITE PHARMACY that is accepting all drug plans!

Please click here to visit one of our locations. 

Organizing Medicine

We believe in providing the best possible care for our patients. To do this, we've made it as easy and convenient as possible to see your family doctor. There is no need to make an appointment: you can simply walk-in during clinic hours.

Doctor's Visit
Dr. Omotunde Shittu


Dr. Shittu has an impressive background as a medical doctor, having worked across four different countries with countless clinical presentations and ideologies. Dr. Shittu is an expert in emergency medicine and has recently worked as an emergency specialist in the United Kingdom for over ten years. Dr. Shittu lives by the mantra that Knowledge is infinite, so always strive to learn more.

"I would love to meet the lovely people of Brampton, please feel free to stop by at either of the clinics at anytime to say hi" - Dr. Shittu

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